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What is D-Link AR-NBD Service?

AR-NBD is value addition by upgrading service level from standard warranty to increase the availability of your IT infrastructure.

AR-NBD Service Program include free advance replacement and defective collection, dedicated remote technical support. Currently AR-NBD support is free for first year as promotional offer for limited period.









AR-NBD Service Program will cover free advance replacement delivered free of freight charges to your location by fastest courier service mode. And also defective product picked from Customer site at D-Link’s cost.

AR-NBD offer dedicated help desk by phone Or email for remote technical support.

AR-NBD service program will provide technical update, patches, firmware updates to Customer proactively.

AR-NBD offer standby equivalent unit in case of delay is services.

AR-NBD replacement are sent special packaging to avoid transit damage.

AR-NBD replacements are declared service units and free replacement to Customer to avoid permit issues.

AR-NBD Replacement are updated latest FW and 100% tested products.

Online system for AR-NBD Support Program for faster ETE Process, Updates and Reports.

Easy Options to avail
D-Link Direct Service


Please Send your details as per template given in right and mail us at
Email ID :


Please call
NBD Tel No# 0832 6689999
for any help for complaints registration.





Smart 10/100M

Smart Gigabit
(Green Ethernet)

Managed Gigabit Switches
(Smart PRO Series)

DGS-1510-28X, DGS-1510-28X/ME
Managed 10/100M
L2 Stackable


Managed Gigabit Switches Layer-2 +le Switches
Managed Gigabit Switches Layer-3
DGS-3620-28PC DGS-3620-52T



Advance Replacement Next Business Day (AR-NBD) is a premium support program designed for D-Link Enterprise customers, wherein D-Link offers advance replacement at customer location for FREE* along with value additions by upgrading the standard warranty at Zero additional cost. With AR-NBD, D-Link ensures highest quality of assistance & support to enterprises. Thus helping them keep their network up & running in the event of any technical failure.

D-Link ARN-NBD support is available from Monday to Friday (excluding National & Bank holidays) between 10.00am and 6.00pm.

Once the customer registers & applies for AR-NBD, the Replacement unit is shipped to the registered customer address from nearest mapped D-Link Service center, through the fastest courier service mode. However transit time depends on Courier flight Connectivity and shipping Location.


D-Link AR-NBD is currently valid on selected enterprise products purchased post 1st January 2016. The product list is available on D-Link service website Further, products that carry D-Link AR-NBD support have an AR-NBD sticker pasted on the box.


Customer needs to register for D-Link AR-NBD support within 30 days of product purchase. For quick support customer shall opt for self-registration using D-Link AR-NBD support portal –


Yes!!! System Integrator/ Partner can register for D-Link AR-NBD Service program on behalf of their customer.


D-Link AR-NBD support is backed by D-Link Service centers located in 150 plus cities across the country along with courier connectivity pan India. Customer can find the locations listed on D-Link service website


D-Link AR-NBD support is a fully automated online driven process, wherein customer can log on to and register for the support. Once registered, customer can make request for AR-NBD support online & accordingly view status updates & warranty validity details online


Once the customer request for D-Link AR-NBD is validated, a replacement product is delivered with special packaging along with return shipping label and declaration letter. Customer should pack defective product in the same packaging, paste return shipping label on the box, and hand over the packaging/ box along with return shipping documents to assigned courier.


In case the customer has not received the replacement product post replacement request or if the replacement product is not working, he may call 0832-6689999 or e-mail:


D-Link AR-NBD support is absolutely FREE* for the first year. To continue with AR-NBD benefits & extend the support, customer will have to pay necessary charges. For more details write to


Terms & Conditions

This terms and conditions is between customer and D-Link (India) Limited (‘D-Link’). By registering and accepting the services and support as described and by virtue of availing the NBD support, customer agrees to be bound by and accept the terms and conditions herein.

  1. Support Services: D-Link will provide product advance replacement to the Customer under the D-Link Next Business Day (NBD) support Program offered by D-Link / purchased by Customer for the Selected D-Link networking products subject to the terms and conditions of this Agreement. D-Link, either directly or through its authorized third party service providers, will provide support for the D-Link product registered for such Services as described in this Service Agreement. NBD Service program is to upgrade the service level standard of selected products covered under D-Link standard warranty.
  2. Eligibility for Services: Only Product sold after 1st January 2016 are eligible for this support program. Or availing D-Link NBD Services, the Customer must register the Product eligible for NBD Support with D-Link in accordance with the Product’s registration process within 30 days after the purchase.
  3. Description of Support Plans:
    1. D-Link shall provide NDB Service program as additional facility to existing warranty to the customers.
    2. D-Link shall provide the NBD Support to the customers as per the applicable Terms and Conditions described herein. D-Link reserves the right to change or modify any of the terms and conditions at any time and from time to time at its sole discretion.
    3. The service by D-Link shall include advance replacement of products to Customer place on the next business day.
    4. Online Technical support and product updates to enhance basic warranty support for products during the warranty period.
    5. The D-Link NBD Program shall be applicable for the selected products notified from time to time purchased by the Customer after the Commencement date.
    6. D-Link will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide the NBD services to the customer.
    7. D-Link NBD plan shall provide escalation management process with a resolution manager for complex technical issues;
  4. Next Business Day support process:
    1. The Customer agrees to register the product with D-Link designated website through online registration process within 30 days from the date of Invoice/ Purchase of product. In the event the customer is not register the product online, the NBD Service Complaints cannot be logged in.
    2. D-Link Agree to provide NBD support to the customers during the working days i.e., from Monday to Friday, 10.00am to 6.00Pm (8 x 5 Support) during the term of the agreement.
    3. D-Link may provide replacement product as new or equivalent refurbished product of same model or upgrade Model to Customer at its discretion depending on the stock availability.
    4. Customer agree to return defective unit to D-Link against replacement of Product to D-Link within 7 working days.
    5. The replaced product shall have the same warranty period as per Customer registered Product and Serial No#.
    6. D-Link Shall ship the product to the customer by fastest mode and transit time depends on courier connectivity from Service center to customer place.
    7. The customer confirm that the original product warranty shall be void if; (a) If the defective unit is not returned; (b) Wrong registration Or different unit returned; (c) Product is damaged due to mishandling Or Site Conditions;
    8. The Customer agrees to pay charges for the warranty void cases to restore warranty and NBD Support Program.
    9. The Customer shall log the complaint / case in D-Link website/through email/ Mobile Application before 2.00 pm of the business day for enable to consider and deliver the products on the next business day. The business day shall be considered as following day in event the complaint / case logged and registered after 2.00 pm and during week end/Holiday will be counted Next day.
    10. D-Link shall ship the products through convenient mode or through its designated courier agency. The products shall be returned in case the customer is not receiving the product after two attempts.
    11. D-Link shall not provide the NBD services at any remote locations having no courier reach. The customer agree to send defective product on ‘to pay’ basis to nearest D-Link Service Centre for replacement.
    12. On occasion, due to shipping delays or transportation problems, D-Link may not be able to meet the targeted response time. In such instances, D-Link shall make a commercially reasonable effort to provide support at the targeted levels.
    13. The NBD support service is provided as promotions offer for selected category of products for the limited period. The NBD services can be withdrawn without any notice at the discretion of D-Link and without any obligations and liabilities.
  5. Customers Obligations And Responsibility:In order to receive service and support under D-Link NBD Services customer is responsible for complying with the following;
    1. The Customer shall register the products in D-Link Support website within 30 days from the date of purchase. The Customer shall log Service Complaints through website or by email: or by Phone 0832-6689999.
    2. The Customer shall provide the required details of the product and shipment address for the dispatch of replacement product. The Customer shall pay charges for warranty void cases to restore and extend warranty and NBD Support Program.
    3. Customer shall return defective unit against replacement of Product to D-Link within 7 working days.
    4. The Customer confirm that if fails to return the defective product within 7 days from Replacement received date, then D-Link has all right initiate legal process to recover the unit along with the direct and indirect recovery cost including attorney fees and related expenses.
    5. Customer understand and agree that D-Link is not responsible for any lost or corrupted software or data during replacement.
  6. Term and Termination: This Agreement, and the Support provided under this Agreement, shall take effect upon the product purchase and registration for the Support and shall initially be for a period One Year. Thereafter, D-Link may offer Customer the opportunity, and Customer may then choose to renew, this Agreement for additional two years renewal term(s) at D-Link then applicable annual renewal fee. Notwithstanding the foregoing, D-Link may terminate this Agreement without any prior notice without any obligations and liability. D-Link may in its discretion utilize third party agents or subcontractors to perform D-Link’s obligations hereunder.
  7. Warranty: Replaced Product provided as part of the Services shall be subject to the limited warranty terms provided for the original Product purchased by the Customer THE WARRANTY IS EXCLUSIVE AND NO OTHER WARRANTY, WHETHER WRITTEN OR ORAL, and IS EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED. D-LINK SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.
  8. Limitations of Services: D-Link NBD Support provided under this Agreement, is valid only to the original Customer who purchased the product. The Support service is not transferable in the event the Customer sells the covered Product to another party except when the Customer is a D-Link product reseller.

D-Link does not provide support for products not supplied by D-Link India, Hardware replacement covers only the Product serial number which has been registered under this Service Agreement. The Services do not cover any failure or any damage or failure caused by: (I) Other products; (ii) Site conditions that do not conform to D-Link’s site specifications for the Product; (iii) Neglect, improper use, fire or water damage, electrical disturbances, transportation by the Customer or a third party, or work on or modification to the Product by people other than D-Link employees or subcontractors, or other causes beyond D-Link’s control; (iv) Inability of products not manufactured by D-Link to correctly process, provide or receive data. Complete resolution of some problems may be beyond the control of D-Link and thus outside the scope of the Services.

Non-D-Link Products: D-Link is not liable for the performance or nonperformance of third party vendors, their products, or their support services. D-Link is not responsible for problems caused by products not covered by this Service Agreement on the Customer’s network and the design of the Customer’s network.

  2. Governing Law and Jurisdiction: This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the applicable laws of India and the courts in Goa, India shall have exclusive jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to this Agreement.