Types D-Link Services

D-Link Service Centre (DSC)

D-Link has started Company owned D-Link Direct Service Centre in major Locations to provide faster, reliable and efficient service to Customer. That is move from outsourced Service to direct service model with huge investment for setting state of our Service infrastructure of L2 and L3 capability in 11 major Locations. New Service Model include four Regional Service Hub at Delhi - North Service Hub, Bangalore - South Hub, Kolkata - East Service Hub and Navi Mumbai - East Service Hub. Each Service hub will represent each region. One Centralized High level Repair Centre in Goa of Service capability up to L4. And Service Centre at Ahmedabad, Chennai, Mumbai Lamington, Secunderabad and Indore.

Partner Service Provider (DSP) - Level 1 and Level 2

Locations where volume is less and it is not viable to setup company owned setup. This volume is sufficient for partner to run service. And also local service setup required to start new sales Or increase sale coverage. There will be minimum monthly commitment of fixed compensation if volume is going below proposed capacity. Level 1 and level 2 is based on the Volume and Partner Capability.

Partner Courier Point (PCP)

Class C and D cities where volume is less and where one or more reseller operating. To motivate Partners do sale and service by self we provide free courier pickup facility. So that partner is protected from service expense also motivate partner sales D-Link authorized courier will collect defective at regular interval Or on demand from Partner pickup to deliver to mapped DSC.

Courier Collection Point (CCP)

Locations where we do not Service facility. Required to collect the defective from Customer as part of project , Service provider requirement, Direct sale, Care Contracts Or Customer request as special support. Customer shall contact call center Or Nearest Service Centre Or Register online to pick up the defective. Courier will be assigned to pick up defective and connect to assign D-Link service center only.

D-Link Direct Service (DDS)

This is D-Link direct service to customer door step for selected products as premium service.We are sure, innovative and agile service approach of D-Link Direct Service will change your After Sales Experience. Direct Service (DDS) is the new Rapid Response Technical Support Service that replace your faulty D-Link Product with the working one at your DOORSTEP. If the worst should happen to your network you need the quick and prompt support. Visiting Service Center for after sales technical queries costs your money as well time.

With the help of D-Link Direct Services, your wish will be enriched for new opportunity to enjoy D-Link Products and solutions by resolving technical problems quickly and effectively. D-Link all set highly-trained technicians will be ensuring that award-winning support is only a phone call away.

To avail D-Link Direct Services, you simply have to call on D-Link Toll Free No. 0832-6689999 or drop a mail to DDS.Support@dlink.co.in. Our Well trained technical staff will assist you in resolving any network related issues and if found it’s a product issues they will ship the working product directly to your doorstep at free of cost.

For every DDS transaction, we are bound to inform customers about transaction status via SMS and e-mail alerts so that they can be well informed and updated. Customers are also given the online facility to log the complaint through D-Link India website, http://www.dlink.co.in/DDS. Click here for more details

  • Toll Number: 1860-233-3999 GSM/CDMA USER: +91-832-2856300 & 2856000 (Local & STD Charges apply. Email: helpdesk@dlink.co.in